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Browse around, Relax and Enjoy your experience of selecting what you feel will help to bring more positivity into your life and help you on the pathway to greater positivity, self-empowerment, and self-growth.

Please note that some journals have the option of more than one version of the cover so that you can select the journal cover that you like the best. The interiors are the same, only the covers are different to give you a choice of covers for your journal. They are only different if it says book 2 or book 3, then that's a different book.

My name is Jennifer Jones. I am a writer of original Inspirational Sayings, self-growth ebooks, journals, ecourse and posters to create a positive mindset, self-empowerment, and success.

I also author children stories that focus on fun, interesting stories while presenting positive life values.

The journals, ebooks, ecourse, posters and Motivational Sayings and Quotes, digital art decor, wall art motivational prints, typographical art are intended to inspire and motivate to help you build self-confidence for easier everyday living, a positive mindset to make your life better, create positive relationships, inspire you to be the best that you can be resulting in the better you, success, abundance and making your goals and dreams come true.

These inspirational self-development tools are intended to inspire self-growth, mental health awareness, mood and positive attitude to stay calm, focused, move past anger, unforfiveness, procrastination, negativity and chaos to be happier, develop a positive mindset and attitude at home, work and in your daily life with gratitude, positivity, joy, peace, success, abundance and self-empowerment.

Motivational Ecourse:

Consciousness: The Power of You -- A Self-Paced Life Coaching Ecourse by Jennife Jones is for anyone who wants better and more out of life.

Motivational Ebooks:

Meditations and Affirmations to Create a Positive Mindset by Jennifer Jones

Positive Consciousness: Operating From a Point of Power by Jennifer Jones

Self-Growth is the Fitness of Positive Consciousness by Jennifer Jones


Think and Grow a Positive Mindset Journal by Jennifer Jones (2 cover versions, same interior)

Better Anger Management by Jennifer Jones

And others

Ebooks, Ecourse and Journals are instant downloads after purchase. Printable original sayings and motivational quotes, wall art (some in Spanish) are instant downloads to use in any home, study, residential and commercial space. They make great gifts to associates, friends and family.

Note: Inspire2 watermark is removed from all products on purchase.

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~~ Changing the way you think, changes

way you manifest! ~~

-- Jennifer Jones



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Meditations and Affirmations to Create a Positive Mindset

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